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Notes from stress reduction class

GUIDED IMAGERY SCRIPT (Favorite Place) 1. Breathe more deeply and slowly. 2. Imagine a favorite place. 3. See yourself arriving and notice surroundings (use sight, smell, sound and touch). 4. Bring in pleasant objects (chair, flowers etc.) 5. Bring in a magical container (chest, box, jar, trash can, etc.) 6. Place you worries and concerns into the container. 7. Put on the lid and draw a curtain between yourself and the container. 8. Rest awhile feeling totally safe and relaxed. 9. Thank your favorite spot and return fully alert to the room SELF HYPNOSIS 1. Decide on your positive statement. For example, "My body and mind can stay relaxed (when, if, while,)____________is happening. Or, "My body is always working towards wholeness." 2. Get comfortable and decide on your physical cue. 3. Choose a spot in the room and keep your eyes focused on that spot. 4. Relax the muscles of your body and eventually close your eyes. 5. Count from 1 to 3 and become more relaxed with each count. 6. Say your positive statement to yourself. 7. Count from 3 to 1 and become fully alert.
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