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"Moving With Intention" Class 2015

"MOVING WITH INTENTION" Class begins November 11th at the Yoga Loft in Canton. Wednesdays 12-1PM WHO SHOULD TAKE THIS CLASS? Anyone who wants to move, have fun, and grow in unexpected ways. It has a low-impact aerobic component, a reflective component and a relaxation component. It truly integrates body, mind and spirit. WHAT WILL I LEARN? You will learn a sequence of movements each week (don't worry, they're easy) that have one of four movement qualities. The first class is "shake and release", the second is "surrender and acceptance", the third is "pushing through and the fourth is "connection and community". WHAT IF I MISS A CLASS? Not a problem. These classes are taught as "stand-alones" and you will benefit from taking all or just some of the classes. You can even come only once and use the Yoga Loft drop-in fee. I'VE NEVER HEARD OF THIS KIND OF CLASS. This class comes from the newly emerging field of Somatics. Somatics explores the interface between body and mind and how tensions released through movement can make positive changes in the mind, especially when coupled with intention.
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